GCasali’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Also you don’t have to give traffic after touch and go just say number xx cleared for the option

That is frankly wrong info…

It’s not I took the practical test traffic after the option is not Necessary

Good job @GCasali , only thing which I feel that is abit of an issue is that some commands you have were abit late, such as when @United2 was on final 35R and my exit runway too


Give feedback later gotta run

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GMMN - Closed

Thank you for joining me today

Sry bout bad landings first flight of day

If after transition you request for touch and go the controller needs to give traffic direction if the plane is landing at that airport after a few touch and goes. Only need to give it once and after that not necessary unless runway change

I know but he gave me a transition even when you were not landing

It he just gave me one every time

Other than that you are ready

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You need to request transition for him to give…

Open - VTBD

Departing - 21R, 21L
Landing - 21R, 21L

Please join and do Pattern work, landing or departures. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Closed - VTBD

Thank you to those who joined


Thanks for the ATC, the only thing needing improvement there was my initial approach onto 21R 😂 - my apologies for that

Good job though, correct pattern instructions and you gave good pattern entries for runway changes followed by an initial left/right traffic instruction

Nice work 👍


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Please join and do pattern work, departing or arrivals

Departing and landing - 06L, 06R

PGUA - Closed

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