GBKarp's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ NTAA

Welcome to @GBKarp’s tracking thread!

I’m practicing to join IFATC once I have the age!

Remember only to use “Remaining in the Pattern” if you are planning on doing touch & goes or/and pattern work! Otherwise, please use the “departing” commands.

Constructive Criticism is accepted and encouraged!



Airport :


Server :

Training Server

Time of next opening :

2020-08-19T14:00:00Z2020-08-19T14:55:00Z (Wrong times)

Hope to see you all there ;-)


Hey guys, I am opened in SBFL because IFAET edited it and I really wanted them to do it!
@kieran464 @Gtmkm98 @Marcel001


Just landing at Heathrow then i’ll be there!

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you spawned in the wrong place

I’ll come there in a XCub!

No, you should spawn in the terminal if you want this plane, you were in grass

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I just changed my mind, coming in a TBM

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Oh, ok then

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Oof, there is a big crosswind

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oh no rip!

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Did you crash?

The 25 knot crosswind is really deadly…

But you are a great controller!

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Yeah, I crashed due to

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It is really bad for a GA aircraft

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Yeah, the TBM was trembling

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App just crashed but from what i saw

Good things

  • Good progressive taxi instructions
  • Great decision on the go around, very proactive
  • Good use of cancel take off clearance

Things to work on

  • Should’ve told me to LUAW when back taxi as there was no incoming traffic - though this isn’t a big issue.
  • Got very confused with my commands? Got told to enter left downwind and follow traffic on right downwind. Then got cleared for the option on a different runway the traffic was going to. Try and sequence/clear for the option immediately after take off.

Overall, a great start, and ground instructions were really good. Just work on pattern instructions as i got a bit confused - will be easier on parallel runways. Keep it up and i’ll try and come when your next open

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Yeah that crosswind was not ideal😂at least my app crashed before i did. It was inevitable that i was going to😂


I had issues with you since I wanted you to cross the runway and taxi on the other side, but there is no place to cross the runway!

ohhh whoops. Fortunately the runway enabled back taxi and you handled the problem well.

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@IFFR-Martinnn Thanks for passing by!