Gazelle Aviation Ltd.

Im Sorry to be taking time out of your day, but a new VA is here! Gazelle Aviation! we serve airports that most people, and airlines dont fly into. image

Cessna C208 (Private 1/2)
Cessna Citation X (Livery 6)
Embraer E-190 Lineage 100 (Generic Livery)
Airbus A318 (ACJ Livery1)
Boeing 737-700BBJ (BBJ3)

Burbank Bob Hope
Palm Springs
St. Martin
London City

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Our Website


Just applied. :)

Nice idea :) I have a few pointers though:

  1. There is a spelling mistake on the very first page of your website. I recommend getting that fixed ;)
  2. I would think of routes, and post them on the website before opening the VA to the public :)

Good luck to you and your VA👍🏻


I can make you a logo if you would like :)

I have applied

thx, but we already have a logo


Logo Is Here! image

Niceee. I was hoping It would be a Gazelle, but, cool!

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Why did you use a bird instead of a Gazelle? Anyways, I made you this. You can use this if you want.

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Ooo, I like that one. Maybe color it blue?

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Like this?

Oh Yes, Perfect

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I think Im taking more interest in this than the CEO…

But Im sure he loves it! @YYJPilot6590

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i shall hire you as COO!

Beautiful. i will hold a vote next week, as i am flying today.

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Oh me? Wow, I… wasn’t expecting that. When can I start?

now. im leaving for the airport in 30 min to fly somewhere. when im gone, youll be in charge.

Got it! I’ll make sure nothing goes extremely wrong around here

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