Gave wrong tower frequency at LEMD

Good day,

To those who just flew into LEMD over the last 1.5 hours, as approach I was giving most of you the wrong tower frequency. I apologise for this and I will be sure to keep a better handle on our frequencies going forward.

Sincerely yours,


Thanks for your honesty and sincerity. I hope others learn from your example.

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@Adam_Macaulay, this wasn’t your fault.

There was a Tower Controller change and when I stepped in, I unknowingly didn’t grab the same freq the previous controller was using… I’ll make sure to better coordinate in the future.

To pilots, I did ghost 2 people who landed without clearance. Please, even if there’s a bug, do not land unless you are cleared… Go around, and come back ! Contact me if you were ghosted, we will revert it.

Cheers people


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