Gauntlet1's Radar IFATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

G’day IFC!

This is my radar ATC tracking thread.

I have been IFATC Tower, Ground and ATIS qualified for a while, and have been training toward my Radar qualification for a few months with my IFATC trainer. Sadly my trainer has decided to step down, and after failing my radar practical recently I have some specifics to work on to pass the re-test.

I’d really appreciate your time in helping me out. Here is what I need to work on:

  1. Setting up multiple aircraft on parallel runway approaches.
  2. Managing Visual, Radar Vector and Standard Terminal Arrival (STAR) approaches into the pattern.
  3. Judging terrain clearance adjacent to base leg final turns.
  4. Not giving too wide of a pattern for radar circuits.
  5. Not giving too high of an altitude for radar circuits.

I will therefore only pick airports with parallel runways and some form of interesting terrain nearby.
I shall not pick any airport that I am aware of as used for any IFATC practical exams.

All Feedback will be greatly appreciated!

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