GatwickGuy’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] EGKK

It was a trolling of course. At 39000ft don’t need request transition…

Btw, really solid control. You handled it very good. (sorry, I lost control of my TBM on ground LOL).
One minor thing:

  • Inbound aircraft “IFSFG231” you told him enter straight in 05R, but he was on right base.
    The same happened with
    “Speedbird 644”.

Other than that, amazing job!
Regards. Dani.


You gonna be open for another hour or two? I can hop in later.
Currently on a flight, at 33,000ft. ETE 48 minutes.


Ignore the trolls.

Good controlling. You corrected the mistakes you made on my end.


Yes mate come in anytime…I might take dinner break…Keep an eye on the status. Thanks

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I clear you guys sane time you ask change…awkward!!!

Sorry ppl! Dinner. I’ll b back

Heya Gatwick,

You’re doing a good job, but i have two little things:

  1. I quite did not understand why we changed runways that much often. As far as i observed it sam and i did runwaychanges even if we didnt ask for.
  2. When i asked for runwaychange you gave me a pattern entry. But you did not when you ask us to change the runway. I was on my pattern 5L second turn and then you gave me seq. 2 and clearance for 5R.

I watched the replay and the same things happened to Sam.

Only Change runways when you have have too much traffic on one runway (or its unequal on runways). Otherwise keep them where they are (edit if someone want to change and then rquest someone else on the other:)

Overall it was good. :)


That’s my bad habit… Sorry. Reason failed test too. I was waiting for ppl to ask for runway change… I did it my self. Hope I stop doing that. Thanks for coming, pls join again.

Thnx for the great service at EGCC! Nothing to add. Cheers, KLM44

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I can’t provide feedback as I haven’t passed IFATC yet myself but I had fun (and I hit Grade 4!). Thanks GatwickGuy!

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Nice flying…all landing was very nice.

Seemed good when I was there. Could only come for one pattern as I had to help with a training session. Sorry

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No prob, there is always next time. Cheers

EDDM is now Closed

Need at least 3,4 aircrafts for good training. Straight out departure, pattern works anything welcome.

Open until : April 18, 2019 Time : TBC
Freq : Ground, Tower

Who wants to reach landing milestone? I can help you with that today, free of charge of course…

@CyLyric thanks for coming.

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You bet. Thanks for the service. 0 complaints.

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EGKK is now Close

Pattern work welcome as always… use both runways never mind about real world. Hope to see you there.

Open until : April 22, 2019 Time : TBC
Freq : Ground, Tower

Someone else opened it lol!

EGKK is now Closed

Pattern work welcome as always… use both runways never mind about real world. Hope to see you there!

Open until : May 03, 2019 Time : TBC
Freq : Ground, Tower