GatwickGuy’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] EGKK

KDAL is now Closed

My first thread! pattern works are very much appreciated! Feel free to give honest feed back, thanks in advance, I pimp this up with chart hope you all join ;)

Open until : April 14, 2019 Time : TBC
Freq : Ground, Tower

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This is on training right?


Okay im comming :)

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hey why do you keep changeing runways for me on time is: after the option make right traffic one time is make left traffic?

Thanks to all who come around sorry can’t find your tags, nice livery, nice landings

Good runway change commands and directions. One common mistake you made is repeatedly calling for right traffic. Once I call out that I remaining in the pattern for 31R you only need to give the initial ‘make right traffic.’ I will stay in that pattern so each touch and go does not require that command.

Other than that, good job. Too bad we couldn’t get more planes in the pattern for you.

(Northwest 122)


On my way. I’m Makdak callsign will be Southwest 24.

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Ok good job, I think there are a few things that need to be worked on… I’m still learning to be a good ATC to so I’m working in the same stuff

  • when someone take off from your airport remaining in the pattern, you tell them “clear for take off, rwy x make right traffic” or left traffic… you dont have to then tell them to enter right downwind for the same rwy because that’s what right traffic means, its repetitive

  • you told that other plane Illinois one livery to take off when I was on short final… I wanted to see what you’d do, good job with the go around for me

  • when someone who is doing patterns reports their position for full stop after they have been cleared for the option, you dont have to give them another whole clearance to land, “the option” includes everything including full stop, reporting full stop is just done to alert the ATC that they are done with their pattern work.

Other then that stuff good job :)

lifeguard 776

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You all top pilots, nice landings

All of your commands for me were perfect. My landings were terrible so sorry for exiting out. Worst landings I’ve had all year.

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I was trolling kdfw guy for not asking for transition. Just fun :)

This is actually not required. Your option clearance includes full stop so all that is needed is the obligatory “clear of runway” after exiting 😉

EDIT: It seems I’m incorrect;

…If you want to inform Tower you will not be doing another touch and go, but land, report your position and add ‘full-stop’.

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Nice controlling! No complaints from my side everything perfectly fine!

  • AV21 in the E170
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Most of what I saw was pretty good. You corrected your mistake (forgot pattern direction in clearence after r/w change but corrected).
One thing we get criticised for in IFATC is overcontrolling. For example, in the pattern, pilots are responsible for maintaining separation, you just need to sequence them. You were calling base for the guy following me to ensure separation but that really should have been up to him. If he gets too close to me you can send him around. The use of I’ll call your base /extend etc is good if you have 10 aircraft in a line waiting to take off and you want your pattern aircraft to give you some breathing space but shouldn’t be used to overcontroll. You assume the pilot knows what that are doing. You can use speed commands but not within 4 miles of the threshold as aircraft are likely to be fully set up for the landing. Do you have the ATC manual?

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Yes I have the manual, thanks for the feedback

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Nice controlling, almost everything was perfect.

I do, however, have two quick points to touch on. First of all, the give way command was unnecessary. It’s good that you’re watching ground movements, but that 757 was in a whole other section of gates. Secondly, use the “line up and wait” command to your advantage, it is critical when controlling busy airspaces. I requested takeoff 31R after Delta started rolling, and you told me to hold short. You instead waited for him to lift off, and then cleared me for takeoff. In this situation you could’ve told me to line up and wait 31R, and then once he had lifted off, cleared me.

Overall, well done. Great job at trying to control Delta 13 on the ground, he was quite clueless.

  • C-ETHN
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Spot on, I will correct it. Thanks

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Thanks everyone for coming and hope to see you again. I will open very often, I will change new airports all the time.


VVDN is now Closed

Pattern works are very much appreciated! Come and experience beautiful scenery, parallel runway bit close for comfort hey, it’s just training :)

Open until : April 15, 2019 Time : TBC
Freq : Ground, Tower

See you in a sec

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