Gatwick to Brussels | EasyJet | A320 | (Formation Flight)

An impromptu decision to take a flight together, @Hussein_Zreik and myself decided on a short 45 minute hop over to Brussels. However, a pesky indivudal decided to copy our FLP and follow us the whole way so the only way to escape was to transition over to a formation flight. What entailed was a series of close calls, contacting ATC several times due to controller switches and the phenomenon known as “diving for the cone”. In the end we managed to grease the landing and come to a safe rest at the gate! Kudos to all the atc working hard at this time!

Server: Expert
Time: 2020-04-17T10:30:00Z

•Climbing to FL230

•Following our flight plan towards Brussels

•Tower view of us maintaining separation

•With an 11kt tailwind and a jumbo on our tail we touched down at Brussels 58 minutes later!

•One word, butter

Photo credits: @Hussein_Zreik


What an amazing formation flight, Thanks for having me @max7777.

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it was your idea to fly in the first place! thanks for flying with me!

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Great shots, did you guys use NAV mode?

No we didn’t! We flew NAV until deciding to go formation about 10 minutes in!, we opened a PM and i told him my intentions and he followed suit, then we contacted approach and wallah!

Surprised how on Expert server IFATC let you land like that?!


Looks great, hope you had a great flight 👍

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We were a formation flight and that was when tower went offline, when we exited runway the tower came back online and we followed normal procedures in reaching our gates!

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Damn you got lucky there then!

Haven’t you heard of formation flying?? This was a flight of 2.


Yes I have, but IFATC would’ve made you guys maintain separation

Wasn’t the case with our flight, Max did all the radio communications.


Wow, that’s really good tbh

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Approach was fine with it the whole way and then went offline, contacted tower and they never responded then they went offline too, so we did a normal approach and landing side by side basically (meant in reply to Riley)

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Yep! Was a great experience overall.


With group flights or formations who have “flight of X” in their callsigns, we’ll treat them as one aircraft. Max could have had 7 aircraft in formation, and if they all had “flight of 7”, ATC wouldn’t have batted an eye. :)

Great pictures!


Formation flight landing at the same time in A320s 😳
Imagine if Airbus did that in Toulouse after their formation flights, lol

our original goal was take one side of the runway centreline each however huss fell behind a bit so we decided to do as shown in pics above!

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Once we came towards the final approach stage there was a decent amount of separation between the both us being maintained.

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It would’ve been good, but either way it looks great!