Gatwick’s Most Scenic Route

Today I took a break from Southwest and took one of the most Scenic Routes I have flown. This route is from London Gatwick to Innsbruck. This was not my first time in Innsbruck and certainly won’t be my last. This route had such a scenic approach which was quite difficult navigating through the snowy topped mountains. I really recommend this route to people looking for a good Scenic Route.

Plane: Easy Jet A320


Server: Expert

Time: 2019-06-06T19:00:00Z2019-06-06T20:45:00Z


There good, but I’ve got to say the rotation is too much. Rotation is best used to show action and to thrown the observer a bit off axis, it is just distracting in my opinion when it’s almost all the way sideways like it is here. Just my two cents…


Yeah I did use a bunch of rotation on these photos. Thanks for the feedback!

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No problem, looking at you’re past photos it seems to be a preferred style of yours, I’d personally recommend toning it down, but all your call.


If you want to use it, and you absolutely can, it has it’s place, I recommend using it like in thieve pictures I took in Forza an F1 2018 respectively. At first glance you can’t eaven tell there rotated, but they are, just enough to follow, and enhance the action, not nessarly just for the sake of rotation.

You obviously don’t have to follow what I say, but that’s just my two cents…

No I will follow and tone it down. Thanks for taking the time to make this by the way.

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No problem, I just try to help, keep making photos you like of course. The rest of you’re stuff, color grading especially is on point… 👍🏻

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