Gatwick Flyout!

Aircraft and Livery: A320/787
Route: Group flight for a London Gatwick Hop to anywhere in Europe, I will be going to Innsbruck (LOWI)
Time of Departure: 08:00Z
Server: Expert

Additional info:

I will be running group flights twice every week from now on.

If you would like to recommend a flyout departure airfield, then reply to this topic with your suggestion, i will then pick at random those that have been suggested.
The more likes they get, the more chance they have at being picked.

Lets make EGKK a fun place to fly out of.

ATC would be appreciated.

See you there!

Hello, if you are wanting to make a event, it is supposed to be in #live:events but you are not TL2. Just keep reading and liking then you’ll be at TL2!

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Not an event, just a group flight anyone in the expert server can tag a long too.

Infinite flight: please don’t shut this thread down :)

Then if it’s a groupflight, please put it in the correct format and title should be like this:
4MAY22 / 0400Z - The Gatwick Hop @ EGKK. Also you said it’s a groupflight, then why did you say Flyout in your post?

Because my mothertongue isn’t english :)

  • i made the changes though, thank you @canton

Last thing, groupflights should 3 hours before the group flight starts.

I’ll remember that for next time. Just this one can stay as it is for now

Will you be there?

Nope, I will be busy.

That is a shame. Hope i run one you can make at some stage

Unfortunately this is at 8:00 am my time and I will be at school if you can do in like 1hour I can make it

0800Z is more than 3 hours out (currently 9hrs out). Please repost at a time within that window please. Thanks!