Gatwick Airport sold to French operator.

Today it was announced that Gatwick Airport, the 2nd largest in the United Kingdom, lets just not mention the drones lol has been sold to Vinci Airports for £2.9bn, $3.67bn, €3.21bn with Vinci acquiring a 50.01% stake in Gatwick Airport Limited from Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP), who acquired the airport in 2009. GIP will retain a 49.99% stake.

The deal would make Gatwick the largest airport in Vinci’s portfolio of airports, which will soon grow to 46 airports in 12 countries, and currently include Portugal, France, Japan, Cameroon, Chile, and the Dominican Republic - with total traffic of about 228 million passengers a year. This deal comes not too long after Vinci’s takeover of Airports Worldwide’s portfolio earlier this year, which included Belfast International Airport in Northern Ireland, and various stakes in 12 airports across the United States.

US-based GIP said it expected the transaction to be completed “by the middle of next year”. The current executive team at Gatwick, including chief executive Stewart Wingate, is to be unchanged under the acquisition.

What are your thoughts on this? Will it be good for Gatwick, or will it potentially have bad consequences?


Oh boy… Is it possible to have a monopoly on airports?

Im suprised this has happened with all this brexit s**t going on!


Since Gatwick Airport will now be mostly controlled by a French firm, we can expect them to surrender to the drones upon the takeover.

I had to, sorry. I don’t mean to offend French people or lovers of drones.


Airport privatization is something that just doesnt exist here. Cool to see two failry simlar countries handle something so differently…

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