Gatwick airport question

Can someone explain this picture? It seems like the plane actually taxied under a building. Is this real or is it a mistake from FR24?

It didn’t. This is just a transmitter error. Happens all the time.

Edit: see Joseph_Spinner’s post.

So that’s actually how it is in real life at Gatwick. There’s a pedestrian walkway that is elevated, which lets planes taxi underneath it!


He is right, I checked Google Earth.

There is clearly a taxiway going under.

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Sorry @Philippe_Gilbert, I thought you were referring to the terminal building in the parking. This is a pedestrian walkway and it looks cool!


This is the first time I actually see something like this. Really cool.

Pretty awesome indeed, never thought this was a thing

Indeed, as @Joseph_Spinner said, this is indeed a pedestrian footbridge.

There’s something similar like this at KLIA 2 in Kuala Lumpur. Saw it when I used to live there, it’s a great place to snap some photos of aircraft!


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