Gathering pilots for VA

Since I am not TL2 yet, and cannot post to the VA section, I want to gather some pilots for a grand opening.

My VA will operate in every region and use ALL of the plane’s in game but for different uses at any time. Please join!


do you have a website?

Not yet. Since I don’t have TL2 I don’t want to release a website. I just want to make a grand opening.

if you dont have a webiste at the least your VA isnt ready read topics like Calm down with the Virtual Airlines not to shoot you down but there is way to many VA’s way to small amount of pilots for them all

I don’t want to release the website just yet, I wanna make a grand opening, because I don’t have TL2. I am just gathering pilots for my show…

my point is you got to be prepared and IMO there are too many VA’s at the moment

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Sure I’ll join bro

No T2 no VA posts. Simple.