Gateway of the West @KSUS

Hey all! So this weekend I went to a hockey tournament in beautiful St Louis, Missouri! I stopped by Spirit of St Louis airport (KSUS) before one of my games on Saturday. My hotel was right by both KSUS and KSTL so it fit for some nice views of departing & arriving aircraft. So enough of me talking and enjoy these few photos I took at KSUS!

A 1980 BEECH 58 parked owned by Kallita Charters

A not so good picture of a tiny plane graveyard

A C172 parked at the tie downs

Some plane off to Provu, Nevada

A Bombardier owned by a corporate owner

And lastly the coolest one that I could go touch, was this retired US Air Force fighter jet

I know these pictures aren’t highest quality or the best but I just wanted to share these close up shots with these cool birds :)

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The plane is actin sus 😏

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I knew smth like that was be said 👀😏

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You’re (K)SUS vote him out


You beat me to it by 3 minutes. Thanks a lot


Oh no Incoming Among us jokes!!! D:

(Nice photos btw)

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Lol at this angle I thought it was JetSuiteX, and then I was like," JetsuiteX doesn’t operate to St. Louis."

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KSUS airport is sus.

Great photos, love the fighter jet!

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Thank you sir! It was super cool to get up close to it.

Thanks for all the love and among us jokes guys :)

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Hold it in Zac… hold it in… ah, I can’t do it that plane do be lookin kinda sus

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