I need some gate ideas. I am planning to fly out of RJTT and I need about 10 good large international gates. Thanks!

Looks like Terminal 2 has heavy gates

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I’m using FlightAware, they shows gate of almost all flights

At RJTT (Tokyo Haneda), the gates to the left of RWY 34L are a part of the International Terminal. There all flights from across the world that serves at Haneda park at. So United, Lufthansa, Qatar, Emirates, Air Canada, Thai Airways and even Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways flights from International Destinations such as London, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, park there.


As far as I know, Terminal 1 and 2 serves for Domestic Traveling. Heavy adaptable gates at T1 and T2 are for the 777-200ER/300ER that ANA and JAL flies domestically, from Haneda to Osaka, Sapporo, Naha, etc…

Hope that helps understanding how RJTT / HND works better now :)


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