Does anyone know how to find the individual airline for a gate since I’m doing an event.

I normally use a flight tracker, which usually has the gates used. There are many “official” airport websites which also list the gates.

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Ya I tried going on flightaware and Flightradar24. I also went on Bradley Airports website but nothing.

What airport are you looking for?

NVM I figured that out lol.

Bradley Intl Airport Hartford/Springfield

this is all I got. No gate info at all.

Sorry l I found somethings on flightaware thanks for your help!

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Hey on Flight aware, click (under filter flights) depart. From there click older. Now try.

Thanks! Have a good day

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If you get stuck, sometimes I also go online and search the airport for pictures or trip reports out of that airport. I use this as a last resort, but sometimes it works out :D


Do you know how to make the text bigger than the Bold. @KIND9624

Maybe try asking the locals? They probably know which gates are for which aircraft/airlines.

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I am a local. But some gates are not operated by any airline

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Open IF and see the gates that are listed for the airport in game [simulator]. What you use in a thread has to match what is in IF anyway since its an event.

Then match that to the gates the airline has listed on their website.

(FYI its not going to be a perfect match, but it is good enough)

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There’s one more way - sometimes if you look on FR24 on the flight playback, it will show the transponder on at the original gate or stand that the flight departed from. That’s my usual go-to for finding gates 😉

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I know I’m just talking about the airlines. I already found them out. @MishaCamp can u close this

Btw BDL dosen’t list the gates for airlines so.

FR24, look at gates and what plane is there.


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