Gates on map option.

There should be a option on the map for use to change it to the airport map like or similar to when you want to pick your gate to Spawn in. This could be accessed by just going in to your map like normal click the airport you want and open up the ground gates map. This would be useful if you’re not familiar with the airport or you do not have access to charts or you. And you could also have it as a mini map and it moves with so you can look at it and taxi at the same time. Also maybe the gates can be color-coordinated for GA/narrow/heavy aircraft.

I think this has been asked before but was lumped with a general more detailed map. Taxiways, etc. Not looking for taxiway names, but just the ability to see where pavement vs grass is.


Do you mean this one

in that case Its closed


The topic you provided is closed.

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I want this so bad that I might cast a vote for any of past/future open duplicates.


Thank you for your support 😁


You will find these here:

I am sorry it is not integrated into Infinite Flight but it is FREE!

This map has all of the major airports. Click on the airport then scroll down to the “Parking” link

The world map shows all countries with the ability to drill down and see all airports by country

Click on the country then click on the “Airports” link then once this opens click on the “Parking” link.



I think people would probably rather have it in the app


Just look at the airport chart:)

All I care about is the taxiway outlines (pavement vs grass) on the map, if that’s what you’re trying to say. 🤨

Yes it will have the airport lay out with taxi ways to help get you to your gate 😉

Well clearly you didn’t ready my message 😒 because I already covered that

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Earned my vote. Even though there are other options to see gates, it would be a great “quick” reference while taxi in progress :thumbsup

Unfortunately I’m out of votes, but this is a great idea! It would save me opening up infinite flight on a separate device before landing to make sure I don’t park my passenger jet at a cargo terminal…


Unfortunately this option, if ever integrated, would come at a price. More than likely to be enabled would require a data source (such as Jeppesen/Navigraph) to provide the regular updates. This would be similar to using an X-Plane integration. You buy the app and the integration data stream is an additional cost! Of course it would also provide the navigational aids as well!

Otherwise who is going to populate all of those tags that you would expect from the charts.

Be aware that most (if not ALL) of our existing airports DO NOT have the taxiways named as per any charts. I have been providing this myself in my parking maps.

(Example: EGLL : You can see the taxiways (and co-ordintaes) shown in secondary data set which can be turned on/off

Click on the image to see the legend. Here you can click the image to turn off the taxiway names. You will find many of these maps integrated into the documents I have been providing on my site. These are Infinite Flight specific parking position maps!

This data set is not intended to replace charts. It is provided for those who cannot afford subscriptions charts (or do not want to)!

What do you mean we pretty much have a gate map in infinite flight at the beginning but if they could just add that map to the game after you start with taxi ways. I’m not saying they have to put the name of the taxi ways put you can see the paths of them to take you to yours gate.

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Charts are all about navigation. How does one travel from the gate to the designated runway? Since there are a series of taxiways connecting it is not always obvious which path to take since in complex airport layouts there may be a long distance from the gate to the target runway (or vice versa). If you subscribe to Live Flight you can see these taxiways on the map and can (if you are lucky and Cameron has it enabled) see where your plane is in relation to the taxiways/gates. Again this is not free, it is a subscription. It is taken from data which is developed by the guys editing the airports for you!

Are you asking for ‘just’ the gates as you see them at start up or are you also requesting the taxiways - pathways to the gates to be also drawn? It is the taxiways that would clutter up the display since there are many and the geometry of these are very random.

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I agree you can use live flight but the app doesn’t work sometimes. And idk if it’s just my application but live flight doesn’t move with me as I move on the ground in the airport charts map.🤷🏾‍♂️

For me, the “spawn” map that shows gates, be the FLP map. That should be easy. As far as taxiways, I just use the most direct route whenever I can.

I’m kinda asking for both but I’m saying it would be a option to switch to the ground map like in LiveFlight. So when you click on a airport you will get the options weather runway and info. There would be another tap for you to access the ground map with the gates and taxi ways