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So I am wanting to go fly around in Europe and get out of the US, but I have a slight problem. As some may know I make my flights very realistic and a big problem about flying in Europe, is using mainline carriers like Lufthansa and Turkish gates don’t show on when looking at a flight. Is there a way to figure this out with this or another website? Thanks!

You could always check the actual airports website and see what gate it shows for arrivals and departures. Or you could see if there is any guides on the IFC under #ground-school:community-tutorials

Try Flightradar24. Usually you can recognise the parking position before takeoff and after landing. However sometimes you can’t and therefore you can check trip reports on YouTube if you really want to check for a realistic parking position.

Adding to that, sometimes you can predict the parking position of some airlines. RyanAir takes the remote stands, Lufthansa takes a position with jet bridge. This applies if you’re a bit familiar with your airport though.

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I used FlightStats for Gates Info.


To be fair, I do the same, and I generally just search up ‘what gate does _____ (airline) use at _____ (airport)’ on a search engine such as google. :)

Recommend going on fr24, find the latest replay of the flight your planning on doing, and it should show you what gate it parks out, hence you do the same in if. Or find another flight (same airline) going to that airport and check it’s replay.

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