Gates For CRJ-900

I am going to do a CRJ-900 flight from KACY and I want to put as much realism as I can into it. I am going to start at a Gate rather than an apron, when I flew out of ACY there was an E-190 at Gate 3. In real life would the Gates get down low enough to service a CRJ-900? Please let me know, thank you!
Picture from when I flew out of ACY and saw an E-190 at Gate 3:

Photo credits are me

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Yes, I can confirm that they do that.

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ACY does the A321 many times daily, you’re fine

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Yes they can and they probably will if a CRJ parks there :)

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He’s not asking if a CRJ9 can fit. He’s asking if the gates will lower to the CRJs door (since the aircraft is significantly lower).

@InfiniteFlight48, as part of the 2011 $27m projects, the airport was expanded and improved. This includes jetways that have hydraulic systems. So, yes, the gates at ACY can support the CRJ series.

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Like everyone else has said yes as they have had smaller commercial aircraft there before than an A320 so yes would be the answer like everyone else said.

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