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I did postcthis in another topic but I don’t think anyone will see it as it has worked it’s way quite far down the home page now.
I am looking at doing a flyout in Faro, which only has one terminal. Is it likely that airlines park anywhere on this terminal or would X airline park at Y gates and so on. I have tried finding it out but can’t find it anywhere.

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Option 1 is the only option ;)


Guys! If you want it to be 100% realistic, please can some of the 57% of people help answer the question :) not being rude but the poll isn’t the main part of this topic. I’m going to remove the poll.

I really don’t want to be that personal who keeps bumping their post, but, please,
I posted this 45 minutes ago now. Sorry for being pushy but many voted for it to be 100% realistic. That won’t happen if I can’t get a simple question answered :) I am doing my best to find out in other ways.

I mean I doubt it. A terminal is usually distinguished by airline or by the airport itself.
So to make it easier for you and me,

Newark EWR has 3 terminals,

Terminal A - A lot of Domestic, Regional, and Internationalish flights (to Canada)

Terminal B - Internation Gates, a lot of flights from Europe, Asia, and South America

Terminal C - All United, and spare gates for any Star Alliance member that requires one.

United claimed Terminal C for their hub, so now you will only see United Airlines there. Since there aren’t really any airlines that have a hub in Faro nor are there more than one terminal, the terminal is for any airline. They park, and ground services do their job as usual. It isn’t really a big airport either, so there wouldn’t be any necessary parking slots. You can do any airline in any spot :)

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Thank you! I guessed it would be like that since it is si small. Thank you for your help today!

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Sorry if it doesn’t make sense since it’s a large airport compared to a small airport, but I doubt they require a certain slot. I mean just imagine if an airline claimed the terminal for their hub. Not only will it just be their airline, but other airlines won’t have a place to park and would probably have to pay that airline to get parking slots at the terminal.

Yeah, no problem, makes perfect sense. And yeah, that would probably cause a bit of an issue 😂

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The airlines will park anywhere. The regional aircraft might use remote stands etc. But generally, it will be anywhere

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Thanks, Charlie

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I’ve seen Transavia’s and Ryanair’s 737s park at the remote gates.

I didn’t say that non regional aircraft can’t park at remote gates. I said that you might find them at remote gates quite a lot.

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