[Gates Available] Aeromexico Flight 128 to Mexico City @ MMGL - 042200ZMAR18

Ok I will add them…

3 hours and 30 minutes till the event everyone!

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I have some sad news

Oh oh, what is it…

I Might not be able to make it :(

Oh, I might have to move it back to like 0000Z or 0100Z. Would then be ok?

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what time is that EST?

2400Z = 7 pm est
0100Z = 8 pm est

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hmm gotta ask my parents to see if I’ll be free by then

i cant do the event at 8:00 est maybe 6:00 est

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Ok I might not even move the event back

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@AllegiantAir I guess I won’t be able to make it then :( have fun thougH!

Hey there!! sign me up on the event please :-)

Roger, adding you now!

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@AllegiantAir can you make the event a bit earlier?

Sorry, 2200Z is the earliest I can do

Don’t worry tho, I’ll have another one up in the coming days

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Oh well I dont think I can make it then :( have fun

I’ll be there! I’ll take gate 33 or whichever works for you. Thanks!

@Shmashee @William_Chin @anon57683537 @itsSpencerBrown @anon57683537 and @Cristian_Gonzalez sorry for the delay. Are you guys ready now?


yes i am ready to go