[Gates Available] Aeromexico Flight 128 to Mexico City @ MMGL - 042200ZMAR18

Underserved routes are a series of events that feature flights that are rarely or never flown. Most, if not all are very scenic and beautiful! If anyone is to ever take credit or take my idea and start doing a series like this, I would love approval of the original idea. I know it sounds greedy but it happens, and some people then say it is there idea. Thank you!

Server: Training

Region: Mexico 🇲🇽

Airport: MMGL

Time: 2200Z

NOTAM: This is the third edition of Underserved routes! Since previous events have been a success, this series shall continue! This time we will be in Mexico, flying a route from Guadalajara to Mexico City. I have never seen anyone fly this route, even though it is probably one of the most scenic routes you can ask for in all of Mexico! Further Flight info will be provided below.

Flight Information

The flight is about 50 minutes long, and should be a flight that will have a very short cruising period. Once we arrive into Mexico City, we will park at the terminal of my choice (might be the Aeromexico Matinence area). Cruising altitude and speed will be 23,000 Ft at 280 Kts. We will be using the Aeromexico B737-700 on the flight, with the callsign Aeromexico 128.

Flight Number: 128
Aircraft/Livery: Aeromexico B737-700
Route: MMGL - MMMX
Cruising Altitude/Speed: 23,000 Ft at 280 Kts

Our Flight Plan consists of almost a straight, non-turning flight to Mexico City. It will be over some very nice mountains aswell!

Gate 32: @AllegiantAir
Gate 33:
Gate 34: @anon57683537
Gate 35: @Shmashee
Gate 36: Aviation360 (friend of @William_Chin)
Gate 37: Joe Milkin (another friend of William)
Gate 38: @Cristian_Gonzalez
Gate 39:

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Estimate Time Of Arrival?

About 50 minutes after the start of the event

@anon57683537 @Georges180305 @William_Chin @Ryan_Vidad @William_Chin @Shmashee @AviationOfGeorgia @Krunchy_Toast @Mell_Ijzerman will you guys be able to come?

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Can we come in with any callsign?

hmm gotta check my schedule for now yes!

Roger, gate 33 is yours!

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thanks! @AllegiantAir can’t wait to see you there!

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This one looks great but its on a sunday not 100 percent sure if i can make it.

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Yes I can probably join

Roger Gate 34 is yours!

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can you make that like this week end instead maybe because i will be on a cruise that week

It is this sunday…

oh in the title i thought that it said the 18th well anyway i can join, can you make it on Saturday tho

Sorry Saturday isn’t gonna work for me

ok how long will it be

and at what time will it be at

Hello! I would like to sign up two of my friends (they dont have IFC)

Ok what are there usernames?

avation360 and joe milken