Gates at KEUG


There are many places I love to fly in Infinite Flight, but one of my absolute favorites to fly at is Eugene Airport (KEUG) in Oregon. However, when I spawn or land their, I happen to find that their are no gates/terminals, its just an airfield with taxiways. When in real life, there are. It would be amazing if possibly the developers can add this in their next update.

That is the airport’s default x-plane file, which means it has not been edited by the airport editing team.

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Hey there!
Developers do not edit airports, us IFAET edit the airports for the community. We’re volunteers who work to try and make the airports high quality.
If you want to help speed up the process check out this thread:

You can join the IFAET and help us get all the worlds airports edited!
I look forward to working with you, if you decide you want to join!