Gates and airlines regarding events

Most events include the gate number and the airline. How do you find those specific gates, aircraft,
airlines? what website do you use?


Searching XXXX airport terminals or XXXX airlines list or something similar usually works.

You can also look at Flightradar24 and see the general parking areas of some airlines.


When making my events, I usually use two devices. I use Flightradar24 to find the gates I use for each flight, using the ‘Departures’ tab on the airports. I go into the flight Information, and replay a few flights to get the idea of the normal gate.

If you can’t find the area has enough coverage (Asia has pretty had coverage overall), then I suggest using Flightaware (google it) and entering the flight number if each flight in the search bar, where you’ll be able to find details similar to Flightradar24, but on some flights you may be able to find the departing gate.

If you can’t do either of these steps, I either use the airport’s website to find the gate, or I find out the terminal they use, so i can slot them into a gate.

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I look for a departures website for the specific airport, one the first gate, and add the route to the specific gate. I use FlightAware to check the aircraft out.

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I find the route for the plane, google the flight number ex: AAL361

Usually FlightAware has the first option, I click on that, and then I can see what gate the flight departed from

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