I saw on Vatsim EHAM that they use a Gatefinder so the airplanes don’t spawn on the same time on the same gate.
Maybe it would be Nice if there comes also a Gatefinder for IF.
It would be Nice if it is in the app, so that every one use it.

Search before posting please

Kind of the same idea

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I search bevore but it doesn’t matter is it a good idea?

It is a very good aircraft. It would be a nice addition if there was a “random” button as well.

When we airport editors create spawn points, we can choose the type of equipment at that specific spawn point. If the game would automatically check what airplane you are in and put you in a good spawn point for just that plane. Example is if you are in a 777, you would not spawn at a GA parking.

Nice idea!


Same post different name.