Gate/stand occupance

I lately have many hiccups with selecting gates or stands.

When I see someone is standing on a particular gate or stand and I try to select the stand next to that person, it says its also occupied. When I try the stand on the other side of that person or 2 stands further, it still says its occupied. Strangely when I spawn, nobody is on the stands I selected before (it wasn’t showing any aircraft icon on the gate selection map either).

Is this a bug?


It really depends what specific gates you are referring to. Some spots have multiple spawns which on the map may look next to it but in reality is the same spot.

i’m talking about gates that are really next to each other, separate gates. Like for example I select gate E22 on EHAM (and gate E20 or E24 is occupied), it will still say E22 is occupied, meanwhile it is a whole different gate, far away enough to fit

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