"Gate Spotting" At KSLC

So about a year and a half ago I had to fly from GJT-PDX with a layover at SLC. While I was waiting for my next flight I took some photos of some planes. (I wasn’t an avgeek then so I just figured big blu plane, I’ll take a pic)

Camera: Galaxy S8 Still takes good shots

Airport: KSLC, Terminal 2 C and E concourses

Airlines: Delta Connection, KLM

Planes: CRJ-200, B787-9

Date/Time: 9/2/18, aprox 6pm local time.

CRJs at the E concourse (I was on a -200 from GJT)

The elusive Big Blue Plane. A KLM 789 headed to AMS


That was a very beautiful sunset Or sunrise maybe with all your pictures I remember the first time I saw a KLM aircraft it was also at KSLC

Delta has 3 direct European flights out of KSLC right now, AMS, LHR and CDG.

The flights are usually all 763ER’s but every once and awhile we’ll get the KLM 789 from AMS in it’s place, currently my favorite plane to catch landing here.

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Hopefully it was the sunset.

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It was either 6 or 7pm because my flight to PDX on the A321 left at about 8. So yes. It was sunset.

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