Gate Speed

Welcome! Ive found in IF that the Jetbridges move quite slow then speed up occasionally. So I wanted to make a feature that they can move faster. This may be something dumb to add but I’ve compared the IF gate speed to real life and they are very different. IF is much slower.
Thank you and I hope I can get your vote!

Well the bridges are slow but I’m out of votes man

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All good! I ran out too ☹️

From my observations, jetways move at however fast the operator wants to move it. There’s really no certain speed that jetways move at.

Here’s a video of one moving at a relatively similar speed to the one in IF.

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They’re pretty slow in real life. It very much enhances the realism :)


Ah, where i live they are usually fast.

To be honest, I think the one in the sim is much faster than usual 😂


When you’re trying to break the record for the world’s fastest turnaround time 😂

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That actaully is usually the goal at Kahului, youʻll practically always see a aircraft turned around by the cargo stand waiting for a gate.

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I guess it’s better with the slow speed.

Yeah I’ve noticed that too, the jedbridges seem to move at half the speed as IRL.

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