Gate sizes for planes.

Shouldn’t there be Small,medium,and Large gates in IF. Kinda weird seeing a large aircraft like a 777 or 747 parked at a spot that is for something like an 737.


@Kilt_McHaggis has already implemented different gate sizes for a lot of airports.

He has three types of “Kilt gates”:

Regional jet - can fit A320 family, 737 family, ERJs, and so on.
Heavy jet - can fit 757, A321, 767.
A380 - can fit 777, 747, and A380.


Not all gates are equipped to fit The 747-400

If there are gates out there in IF, shouldn’t they tell us which gates are bigger or smaller before we spawn in?


Yes, they should. That’s not implemented into the sim, there are supporter websites that will tell you

That’s what Kilt’s schematics’ are for. Check them out:


Maybe they will add this with the new update! :)

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JFK terminal 8 has them.

Most big bravo airports. KSEA, KLAX, KJFK, and so forth.

Ah, my bad. Kilt will add them eventually, though.

EHAM has them. I didn’t go any further as I was waiting for feedback. Didn’t want to roll out everywhere if they were not liked. Need @carmalonso approval before I roll out everywhere. All of my schematics ARE detailing what are large gates though!

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Anything we’ve edited since the last airport update ;)

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I believe this is the feature request thread: Gate Size Standards

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