Gate size naming proposition

The biggest problem we currently have in IF and airport editing, despite of @carmalonso himself, are the gate names/sizes. In IF it is not possible to know which gate can take what plane and what terminal serves what airline in RL unless you look it up in the internet or check out @Kilt_McHaggis amazing website (inserting link here asap). The airline and therminal part is a detail and only a few look up RL gates used by airlines, but I do. Now there have been some different approaches to solve this problem like adding the aircraft types served by a certain gate to its name: "Terminal 3 Gate 42 “A340, B777” for example.
My idea would be to use a RL “size” scala you could look up in the app itself. Aircraft would then be sized in different categories as follows:
Ultra: A380
Large: B747, B767, B777, B787, A330, A340
Medium: B717, B737, B757, A320 family, /8
Small: Props
(This list is only a suggestion)
Gate name example: “Terminal 4 Gate 42: Large” or “Terminal 4 Gate 42A: Medium”
We would need to introduce the system to every major airport so it would be consistent.
What are the opinion of you guys?

You’ll have to carry on for now with Kilt’s website, which includes what terminals can handle a certain aircraft.

It’s a suggestion from an editor to the other editors ;) Nothing speaks against the idea in my opinion


I would love this added into the game. This will help stop the A380 in a 737 gate problem for sure

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haha fine, I’ll fade away and leave you guys to fend for yourselves (good luck getting your airports in IF, btw!) ;)

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Yeah, we’ll easily replace you with bot or a goat. You weren’t doing anything productive anyway @carmalonso

I’m only messing with you, but you know what I’m referring to…
But back on tpoic: What do YOU think of this suggestion?

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This is a great idea, but I think Cameron is too “busy” (code word for lazy) to do it ;)

You know that’s not true, don’t lie (I’ll get some spam sent to you as a punishment).

@Nick_Art the idea is solid. I wouldn’t do this in the gate names though, simply select the Equipment Types in WED. This isn’t utilised yet, but it’s something that can be looked into :)

We could go even further and upon selecting a gate, like when selecting a plane livery, you’ll get to see the gate, it’s size and where it’s located on an airport shematics.

@Nick_Art and @carmalonso the metadata term is already embedded in the gate. We can select heavy, prop turbo prop etc when selecting the gate. It just needs to show on the GUI

That’s the point: It needs to be shown ;)

I 100% agree

This is something that is going to happen at some point soon :)

We need to make sure everybody is using those terms in wed correctly then and that they are being used at all!

Just writing a post in Slack as we speak :)

Love that idea!

And maybe once this is implmented and a a380 try’s to spawn in a medium Gate they won’t be able to spawn in. Like how if u try bring a heavy into KHAF it says aircraft to heavy

In my opinion this is a great idea, I for one back this 100% or if the IF team comes up with something similar, I believe it would be greatly appreciated by the IF community especially being that people continue to spawn on top of each other.

Great idea, and the real life data is found in the airport’s AIP so it shouldn’t be difficult at all

Why not turn up the brightness on your screen? I can see clearly… Lol