Gate size markings

Hey there IFC,

I’ve been an avid aviation enthusiast since my first flight as a 6-month-year-old boy. I’ve also been an Infinite Flight pilot since '15, so it has come as a disappointment that we still don’t have realistic gates. I’m not asking for much, we only need to add the gate size markings to help pilots know when to stop. This is a small feature that will improve the realism of IF.

Why do we need this?
Pilots should be able to maintain a safe distance between the virtual terminal and the aircraft. Most importantly as mentioned above, this will also improve realism.

Your vote will be appreciated :)

Great idea, but I won’t vote for it because not all airports have this and it would take a massive amount of time for the IFAET to do this at every airport.

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Great idea, but it would take a long time to do these to all airports.

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The aircraft markings will be almost impossible to add as they have to be super tiny on the ground and would be hard to view from outside cameras.

There are some major airports with these stop lines (don’t know if that’s the correct aviation term). As a general rule of thumb, the longer the aircraft, the shorter your distance from the end of the line has to be – 777 would go to the end, while an A320 wouldn’t have to go that far. That’s the technique I use anyway. May not always work for every airport.

I can speak from experience! 🤓

Took me ages to get the lines exactly correct. The length and angles had to be the same in order for them to look good. They’re not all perfect unfortunately.

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At a good portion of major airports in IF we have those. However they’re not detailed at all. So many just go to the last one. But i mean more detailed markings would be helpful

Good idea but it will take very long time, i guess.

You are proposing we add this to every airport in the game?

The text on the stop marking is for the ground crew. It helps the marshal to descide on wich mark he stops the aircraft. It is not for the aircraft crew itself.
For those never seen it, this could be easily concluded for everybody by the direction of the text in the picture above: it is overhead for the aircrew…
There are two additional variants.
On larger airports there are electronic marshalling systems showing the aircraft crew if they are centered and when to stop. The stop bars are either historic or backup. We won’t have this in a foreseeable future even when we got buildings.
The other is on verry small airports where there is no marshalling at all, here you often have only one stop bar, or you have very huge text.

Last but not least, we have only one spawn position per centreline in IF, No matter where you stop, You will always be on that single position on the line where the editor descided most aircraft will fit. There is no way in the tools we have to change this. This in mind it makes no sense to be able to stop on a certain bar, if you where kicked to another one when you return to the game.
Just stop at one that makes sense for you Aircraft size, it’s not that difficult.

Great idea, don’t have anymore votes left though :/

Good idea. Should be implemented in the busiest airports (initially at least)

bumping this as it’ll 100% enhance realism and would be great if spawns reflected the appropriate parking line.

I don’t have votes, but this topic has my support! Much needed in IF!


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Nothing gets me more mad than seeing people trying to fit an A380 into 737 gates.

This would be a nice feature to work with.

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Just voted!

Seeing people try to park 777 at A320 parkings gets me crazy… got my vote mate!


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