Gate Signage

Yes, I know that this is a duplicate topic, but the other topic is old and has very little replies/vote.

Why do we need it?

We mainly need it when we taxi to parking from the runway. For example, if I am flying to KEWR for UVA, I want to park at a United gate, either terminal c or part of terminal a. Without 3D buildings, it is difficult to tell what terminal you are in front of. If you are unfamiliar with the airport, it is an impossible task. I was trying to fly in for the VA summit at KDEN, but when taxiing to my gate I could not find my gate so I had to respawn. With gate signage, one can find the gate their flight actually goes to easily.


There are a few ways you could do this. One is simple: add gate markings to the ground. While this solves the problem, it still is not as easy as it could be to find the gate. Anther way would be to add virtual signage, similar to runway labels that are already in place. With a bunch of gates close together, this could get very cluttered. So, there should be an option in the flight plan menu where you could choose your arrival gate and the sim would only display that gate. Another way is to add the gates to the map, similar to what you see in the spawn map. These would only be visible when you are zoomed in on the airport, and you would have to click on the dot to view the gate number.


Thank you to @namit for finding this image

Any combination of these methods could make airport navigation much easier.

Thanks for reading and please vote for this feature!

Yasss! :) would make parking so much easier. :)


Adding the gates to the map seems like the simplest option, as they already have implemented it in the starting screen, so maybe a simple transfer would do the trick? (Totally not sure about how the coding works, so I might be completely wrong.) But I’m pretty sure adding physical gates would be much more labor intensive.


You got my vote. Any way possible I really love this Idea!


Yeah it would become alot easier to park your aircraft at a realistic gate where it would be!


For those who aren’t able to understand what signage is being talked about,

I think this is a great idea and can be implemented.


Thank you for clarifying that for everyone! I probably should have included a picture.

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You can still put my picture up on the main post to make it easier. No worries mate :)

I just did, thanks for the help.

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This would be good to have and I also think we should have lights letting us know if we are close or not

now that we have 3d building this would be much easier

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