Gate setup for event

Hey can anyone help me for like 2 seconds i need to check something real quick. (Idk where to put this)

What gate setup are you thinking about

i just need to test something when it comes to placement, so planes arent on top of eachother

Okay where do you want to spawn…the system will automatically calibrate the right gate for your aircraft where applicable

no i mean so that i dont have people spawn in too close, im trying to set up an event

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If there is a plane at the spot the system will automatically tell you to move to a different spot

i need someone to spawn in gat d07 in a 773

they wont be on the same spot but might be too close which is what i am testing

Okay, Unfortunately I am on a flight right now but it shouldn’t be a problem because if you’re in a 777 there’s a likelihood the there’s room for another but it varies depending on the airport.

ok ill try and get someone because they seem too close

Which airport are you at I can try to check via Live flight

i figured it out by loading in the both and seeing where the wing ends

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thanks for the help tho

Great I am glad you figured it out 🎊

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Welcome! It is what community is for

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