Gate selection

Just wanted to post this question here, how does everyone feel about gate selection on expert?

It would be interesting to see if the developers took away the option for people to select their gate, this way they would have to do a long taxi to go to whatever runway is open whether you are able to Spawn in at the closest gate or whether you have to do a rather lengthy taxi I believe that the option should be taken away to make it more realistic and professional

What’s your take??

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uh what?

Removing gate selection would be too harsh, even on expert.

No one wants to taxi for 30 minutes, they can choose to do so if they want to (but only with gate selection).

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I wouldn’t want this. People should be able to choose; yes Expert is an area for realism, some people just need the extra time of taxing shorter. It seems more like a “force them to do so” feature, and I think it would upset more then it would please.

Let’s continue the discussions here:

I know it’s annoying for you that people just rush for departure for those XPs but what if you want to fly realistically and want to recreate a flight, and for that you need a specific gate you would never get without this option

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I think the current gate selection system is fine. On my part, I choose realistic gates that go with the airline. Take gate N12A at SEATAC, that’s usually for Alaska Air’s route to St. Louis.

i really don’t think anyone gains anything here, but instead some people lose. If they want to have a long taxi, then they can, if they don’t then they don’t. It removes a lot of freedom away from the game. Sure it’d be cool for realism, but we shouldn’t make everyone follow realism if they don’t want to. That’s my take on it :)

Bro that’s a horrible idea! I often start very close to the runway, because I don’t have enough time to get to the runway from a gate 3 miles away. Sure it increases realism, but it completely removes pilot choice. That’s too much, even on the expert server. Maybe IF can create a fourth server caller the realism server where you have to fly realistic planes on realistic routes, you have to use procedures and you have to use the right runway. And you can’t choose where you spawn. But even for the expert server, it’s way too much

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Definitely a controversial idea. I personally believe that this wouldn’t be the best idea. Some people need to go quickly and only have a certain amount of time, so they spawn closer Troy he runway. If you want to do this and be realistic, do it! I don’t think there’s a need for assigned gates.

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