Gate Restrictions Issues Thread


In the awesome new 19.4 Update, gate sizes were updated server wide! With this new system, comes issues…

This topic’s purpose is to help our airport editors acknowledge these issues and work to edit and fix them for coming airport scenery pushes.

Please ensure that you include the 4-letter ICAO code in your requests

ICAO Issue Edit State
KVAD Spawns are A’s, B’s, and C’s - Should be D’s and E’s Editing - @Balloonchaser

Airport Editing Managers - @Moritz & @Ryan [Please Contact With ANY Airport Editing Inquiries]


Might want to add these too ;)

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Wait, what? I thought Moritz and I were going to explore other options for this problem


@Ryan will discuss this internally with his peers and superiors. Closed as requested by BalloonChaser.

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