Gate Restrictions in Solo Mode


So my phone with IF PRO is doing a flight and I badly wanted to test out replay so I used to the device that I use for Solo flying. The replay thing worked fine - its a great feature. I was in a 747 taking off from SFO - do the gate restrictions not apply to solo mode:

image image

I know for a fact the SFO’s Concourses B-F (Terminals 1-3) cannot accomodate a 747-400.

Little help…just curious…

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By the way I have already:

Restarted phone
Restarted IF
Reinstalled IF
Reset my internet router.

There really isn’t a reason for gate restrictions in Solo though I could be wrong


Gate restrictions don’t apply to Solo ;)

As Rotor said, there’s never going to be any conflict with other aircraft since there’s never more than one aircraft there.


Oh right - I did suspect that but wanted to make sure!

Thanks Chris! 🧐🧐🧐

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