Gate Restriction Issues Tracking Thread


If the Column ‘CAT’ = NO then (1) the airport has NOT been edited from original (2) more than likely the aircraft fit info at the airport is bogus.

@Levet you should be aware of this.

Also under Description

Airstrip = most likely very small aircraft unless you use an airstrip in Antarctica
General Aviation = Likely ONLY A and B Class
Commercial = Airports with routes classified in Flightradar24 and runway less than 10k feet. More than likely Class A, B and C
International = 10k+ airports pretty much anything
A380 = Original A380 capable airports
Military = yup!

Hope this helps.

Please stop re-inventing the wheel when I already am busting a gut to keep all this info up-to-date.


This thread is for people to add airports that need to be fixed,

The list included has filters, You can classify the list by slicing/dicing the data by whatever field you like. Adding another to do list will simply be another to-don’t list :)

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My apologies for attempting to consolidate all requests in a single place instead of 500 different threads for a spreadsheet I didn’t know existed.


Kilt, with all do respect your list is great however that list doesn’t stop the community from posting gate restrictions topics on IFC. If you guys want to work out how it should or shouldn’t go I will support whatever. I simply don’t have the time to dedicate to keeping up with airports and I haven’t for a long while now. I think this is a discussion that maybe @brunocr98 and @Ryan_E could have with Val and Cam and the rest of the sups. I’d love to help but I can’t commit my services unless I can be 100% dedicated to it. My apologies for any misunderstandings this may have caused.


Why don’t I go even further to say…

See something wrong with an airport?
Join the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team and help out with the effort!


You know what. I think ill join the team. Ive been getting bored recently so why not.

Hamza it would be good to have you on board :)

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Email is sent

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Mr Balloonchaser. You are quite correct. As an airport editor you have direct control of the size of the spawn in each airport.


US Coast Guard Station Clearwater (FL) - KPIE is assigned the HC-130H and the MH-60 Jayhawk but in live mode you can’t park/spawn at the USCG side of the airport with a C-130.

Can this be fixed and who would, DEVs or Airport Editors?


Can’t park aon the West Ramp (TAC AIR) in a TBM nor can I spawn at any parking locations with a TBM at M89. I also can’t mark a Boeing 777 at any of the A gates at DFW.

At DCA, no aircraft larger than a 757-300 (Not yet in game) is to park at any of the gates, only the GA Hangars; however, the 767-300 can spawn at most of them. The gate restrictions show that a 787-9 can not spawn at any of the gates, let alone a GA one, but a 787-8 and a 787-9 have been able to fit in GA Hangar 7 IRL. Basically, make it that any aircraft larger than a 757-300 (again, not yet in game) can only spawn at GA Hangar 7, and make it that the 787-9 is the largest that GA Hangar 7 can have.

  • Only aircraft the size of or smaller than a 757-300 can spawn at the rightly equipped gates.
  • Aircraft larger than a 757-300 (767-300 through to the 787-9) can only spawn at GA Hangar 7.
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At KPNS theres a A330 that can be there. But it cant be spawned there in IF.

All the spawn sizes are correct, people just have to learn not to use widebody airplanes there, something that we can’t do about it.

Not sure if any airlines use the A330 there, but I can change the size of some spawns to allow the airplane to fit in.


I meant the A300. But theres no A300 in IF.

You cannot land the A330 and 787 at YBCG, even though these aircraft fly in daily IRL.

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It’s alright, I’ll pass the information to my peers at the team anyways.

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KMCO Gate 87 is compatible for a heavy parking labeled 87J and the same for Gate 86 as it would be 86J however neither Gate 86J nor Gate 87J can be used at the same time if a heavy is present at either. Currently only 86 and 87 are listed as narrow body only and only give the Gate 86 or 87 listed not the Gate 86A/B/J or Gate 87A/B/J listed. Norwegian Air Lines has their 787’s park at Gate 86J usually during the summer months.

I did a fix to KMCO recently, should be ok by the next scenery push. I’ll review the charts again if necessary.