Gate Restriction Issues Tracking Thread

With the advent of gate size restrictions, naturally everyone’s first goal will be to head to their home airport and ensure that that one heavy flight per day is allowed to spawn.

I think instead of creating a separate thread for each of these for the airport editors to sift through, we might assist them by placing all issues that are found into a single thread.

This will both consolidate requests to help editors manage them as well as serve as a tracking thread indicating which ICAOs have been updated and whether they’re awaiting a scenery push, or later, have been pushed in a previous scenery update.

When I have a second, and as we gather more requests, I will probably change this to a Wiki with a table with the requisite columns.

(I’ll provide links to the threads begun so far below.)

Please ensure that you include the 4-letter ICAO code in your requests.

To those updating the table:
Edit state is either not started, in progress, or complete and the last column would be next update or pushed DD/MM/YY [or possibly exclude date].

ICAO Models Restricted Edit State Ready/Pushed? Priority
VNKT Larger than A330 Complete Next Airport Update N/A
LROP Larger than 747 Complete Next Airport Update N/A
VHHH M. 1: 777 too large Not Started - -
KMHT Larger than A321 Not Started - -
- - - - -
- - - - -
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Thank you for creating this topic to keep track of the gate restrictions. I’ll keep an eye on this thread every time.

I have dealt with LROP. I notified the editing team about Kathamndu too.


VHHH, Matinance 1 is too small to handle a 777, not enough space to pushback without going off the taxiway,

@Tim_B it would be better organized if we made this a Wiki with a working list of this if this is the route that is chosen. Things will get buried in comments.

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@Levet, I mentioned that above

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It’s a Wiki now. The Regulars in the community can help out too. ;)

Thanks. Someone who doesn’t have to look up how to build a table on here can be so kind as to make one with the following columns:

ICAO | Models Restricted | Edit State | Ready/Pushed?

(Where Edit state is either ‘not started’, ‘in progress’, or ‘compete’ and the last column would be ‘next update’ or ‘pushed DD/MM/YY’ [or possibly exclude date])

Shouting from a mountain top…

@MrMrMan please add the table ;)

Echo echo

Update: sorry MrMr

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I’ve updated the main post to include a table. I hope that’s what we all wanted, otherwise I can change it. :)

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That’s great, thanks.


Thanks, looks good


Yup! Happy to help. :)

No worries Levet 😉😂

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No longer an issue thanks to @brunocr98; Wiki updated :)


Is there a place in this little table for supporting documentation, gates affected, or severity of issues caused by the error? As the team currently has several thousand different errors to contend with every month, prioritizing them is an important step for us.

I could add one 😉

Also added to the table; Fixed again thanks to @brunocr98.

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You guys can do whatever works best for your needs.

My main goal was to consolidate requests so you didn’t have to chase them around the forum.

The table can be set up however it best suits your needs.

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