Gate restriction issue

I attempted to spawn in at Kathmandu international today in a Thai a330 but was unable due to none of the gates being able to accommodate an a330. There are multiple flights in/out of Kathmandu on the a330 every day in real life. Just wondering why I am not able to use the a330 there in the sim if it’s flown there in real life?

Maybe because all the gates are taken? VHHH is going to be the most busy today because it is FNF, so the ground might be packed. I would recommend just waiting for someone to leave then you can spawn

I would guess the OP is trying to say that all gates where a red dot, meaning you can’t spawn in due to your wingspan being too wide… basically the aircraft is too big for the gates at Khatmandu.

@Emh.12, I believe this is something the airport editing team can look into and optimize the gates to accommodate the A330, since as you mentioned, and it is true that the A330 is operated out of there daily by a few airlines :)

Not all airport have been updated to the gate restriction standards. This is why you cant spawn in specific aircraft at some airports. We will have to wait until the next airport update.

This is most probably the size we (the airport editors) assign to each spawn when doing the airports, maybe the spawns are not for size E airplanes like the A330. Let me see what I can do to solve this problem.

I have changed the size of 3 spawns to size E so the A330 can fit in.

@Levet, you can make the honors to close this issue :)


Thanks @brunocr98
@MrMrMan can you update the gate restrictions Wiki? Pretty please :)