Gate restriction inaccuracy - Southampton (EGHI) UK

I love the 19.4 update but the gate restriction tightening has really annoyed me. My home airport Southampton (EGHI) in the UK shows all gates are now restricted and unavailable for the Dash 8 Q-400. This just isn’t correct. When gate restrictions were first introduced there was no problem with the Q400 and Southampton. The Q400 operates out of Southampton everyday for Flybe, and I have flown on one out of Southampton many times. Therefore, this restriction is inaccurate. Is there anyway you could change this? Very frustrating as I like to start at Southampton and operate real routes of it, now I have to fly into it from elsewhere first…


Hello, this has been brought up a few times with other airports as well. The developers and airport editing team are working on a solution. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I have flag this in our database.
Thanks for reporting.