Gate problem in LEMD

Hello, so um I parked the gate at LEMD and uh the stairs connected the plane instead of the gate. I’m not sure if anyone has made a topic already, but just a heads up :)

The gate is T23, if you are wondering.

Pretty sure this is irrelevant but um:
iPad Air 5th Gen
iOS 16
Update 23.2

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I think you pulled to far up into the gate try backing up a bit

Um no?

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I’ve had this before in other airports as well I think

Just because it is at the end doesn’t mean it’s good, this has happened to me before where I have gone too far up

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Ok I will try park in closesr

Alright false alarm. It turns out I parked too far lmao 🤣
Thanks for the help tho
Im just gonna delete the topic now haha

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