Gate Parking By Livery

Okay I’ve seen other topics about assigned gates and that stuff, but I think this is somewhat different.

KLAX would be the perfect example to present my idea.

At KLAX, they’re specific terminals for each airline (including international ones). However, much to my horror, I’m still seeing BA aircraft or Alitalia B777s parking at domestic terminals which is nontraditional.


Alaska Airlines (and Air Canada) would only be at Terminal 6.

AeroMexico and WestJet would only be at Terminal 2 and 3.

I’m trying to point out that before spawning, the pilot can choose any livery (e. Alaska Airlines) they desire, but on the gate map, it only shows open gates at Terminal 6 and nowhere else. But with let’s say Singapore Airlines, a pilot that chooses that livery can only park at the international terminal and nowhere else.

I will not regard any cargo aircraft because the game still has a long way to make the passenger and cargo variants distinct enough.

Disclaimer: This can apply to several airports around the world, but for starters we begin with LAX.

Like before, I do not expect this to be generally approved by the staff, but let me know what you all think of this.

Although this is a great feature request, to give more realism, only think this would add on to the work of airport editors, they already have to organize airports by gate size which means going through every single airport in the world, and keeping in mind Airport editors are volunteers.


Yes, I completely understand that.

That’s why I said I did not expect this idea to get approved

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Neither do I… 😊

I never fly real world routes. I park my KLM 747 at a gate in Sydney, but KLM stopped flying to Sydney many years ago.

You would take away a lot by adding this level of realism.

I don’t (and now I can’t) park my 747 at a small or GA spot though. So that’s good.

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Also, this would restrict it to pre established routes. I generally like the idea though.

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This would be hugely limiting if you think about it at airports where let’s say BA only has one daily flight to and only usually uses one gate. Not ideal for the hundreds of users.


From what I understand, you’re suggesting a restriction on designated airline gates. Well, another option for this, perhaps more appropriate for simulators, would be to name the gates with the name of the airlines (Ex: Aeromexico 01, Aeromexico 02, etc); however, at my suggestion, nothing would prevent a BA A321 for example from starting gates for airlines specified in the terminals, since there would be no restriction, only a specification in the name of the gate.


I wish this was one of my only worries in life.

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Even though we could add airline names to a ramp start, I’m not sure if this would create any restriction to a livery, but we don’t do that anyway. In the end, we only make sure that the ramp starts are named properly and have an adequate size. We don’t have enough information about the gates’ daily usage from airlines on all airports.

This is an example of a gate at an airport I’m currently redoing (LGAV).


We would only care about the settings like on this ramp start.


Here’s the thing:

Everyone knows their home airport, and they get really touchy about liveries there.

But then when they fly to any of the 17k-plus other airports in the world, where their knowledge of the Gates isn’t as thorough, they do there exactly what causes so much heartburn at the one airport they know intimately. Because it’s impossible to know every airport by heart.

If you can stomach doing it yourself elsewhere, you can live with people doing it at ‘your’ airport.

On the list of life concerns, this has to fall somewhere between having a pimple and an itch inside your shoe you can’t get to.

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Thankfully I have specified my idea with an “option”. :v

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I like it, but that would essentially turn the casual server to a horrible pilot expert server…

This is such a great idea! You have my vote! (And it’s the only vote so far lol, we need more plzzzzz)

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Got my vote. Excellent idea. Though we should think, as simple as this is, that the developers would have to put much work into this.

With an update down the road this would be excellent as IF is always going through updates and changes.


Unfortunately, the research and effort required to implement this on an airport editing side would be quite a lot. 1st, editors would need to research the usage of gates at the airport they’re editing, then manually type them out into every airline spawn, and then check that it’s all correct. On the review side, all of this needs to be repeated 2 to 3 times, depending on the amount of review an airport gets.

Then on the IF side, I see more challenges. Certain airlines have their name spelled out slightly differently between aircraft variants, for example, Delta Air Lines may also be written as Delta Airlines or Delta on certain aircraft. This could mean that all 3 need to be spelled out in airport files. It also means that a typo or incorrect usage of capitalization could prevent an “allowed” aircraft from parking.

Lastly, this is quite difficult to update for new services, service reductions, and one off charters. It seems like a lot of work for seemingly little benefit. Those who want to fly 100% realistic will police themselves, and those who don’t will park where an open spot is. Letting every player have fun their way seems to be the best idea in this and many other cases.