Gate only available to certain aircraft

Hello, IFC,

This feature request is for special gates to be assigned to certain aircraft on expert server.
On expert, when you choose your airport and gate, if you are in a 747, only certain gates are available to you on the map. The map will only show the gates compatible to your aircraft. This would be only for expert server and is a bit complicated, but it would prevent the annoying A380s spawning at VNLK, for example.
What do you think?
Thank you!

Interesting Request 👀


Thank you! (Is it clear and specific enough?)

We did have a feature that didn’t allow certain aircraft at smaller airports but I think since global was released, it went away.

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While I can see the upsides in a feature like this, there can and will be downsides.

On the Training Server, you regularly see people break this rule. I could also see this being difficult to implement, with some airports IRL changing what aircraft park at gates, such as A320’s parking at larger gates.

So while it looks good on paper, it might not do so well in reality

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Or simply on all servers, display gate allowance (36m, 52m, heavy 65m, super 85m) on the IF airport map where you select gates. It will force people to consider that aspect of realism and look up their plane’s wingspan prior to dropping anywhere.

On Expert ATC could refuse pushback clearance in case plane spawned into an inadequate gate.

That said, I believe some IF airports may not entirely match real life’s gates availability and allowance.