Gate Numbers on the Map

Hello IFC,
Today I just realised if you zoom in enough gate numbers will be displayed on the map.

It would be appreciated if anyone could tell me how long this has been in game for.

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Not for too long! I believe they were added in 21.7, when the taxiway lines were introduced!

Also, what the hell is going on at that airport 🙃😆


That sounds about right, never really zoomed into the map this much.

It’s just a A340 giving a CRJ-700 a hug, usual expert server things

I found out about the gate numbers by accident too lol!

🎶Caaan you feel the love tonighttttt🎶


Hmmmm, we don’t talk about that

They should be visible at at least one level of zoom out or less. Much easier to locate the gate before turning into the approach to it. Helps coordination with a airport diagram also.

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