Gate numbers as taxiway indicators

Hello guys!, I hope y’all are doing well and I hope y’all are safe; so today I was trying to identify gates in Infinite Flight, but I see it’s a little hard, so I had an idea, if all airports have a number in the gate, it could be floating or in the ground (as part of the taxiway) image
I want to know what do you think about this idea, also I did this request because I didn’t see any request like that, if I’m wrong please close this topic :)
I hope you guys vote for this topic, thanks who those who think that could be a good feature.
Take care! ✈︎

Guys, if I made a mistake spelling or grammatical mistakes, please let me know to fix it, English is my second language

Hi there! Like the request. Be sure to only include 1 image per #features guidelines. Best of luck with your request. :)


This would be nice, let me clear up a vote for it…

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This is honestly a great Idea knowing some airports have Gate 11A/B/C


This is cool, I hope it’ll come. It might not come but as an addition, add an ATC command saying Taxi to [Gate] other than parking. This could be poorly executed but it’ll surely add realism.


Imagine having taxi via C2 left im D1 to Gate t 😱😱🤤


Please let this be in one of the next updates!!


This would be a great feature, I love to keep things as real as possible.

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Right!! This is much needed

^ This would be amazing for next update!

I think the airport editing program for infinite flight Owned by X-plane

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Infinite Flight is completely unaffiliated from X-Plane.


We actually use WED, and it’s an X-Plane tool.

“WorldEditor (often abbreviated to WED) is an open source 2-d scenery and airport editor for X-Plane.”


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We edit using WED which is a software by X-Plane. We have all the tools X-Plane editors have. So yes, @Al-Shawwaf is correct.

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