Gate Markings

Hello IFC,

On my journey to learning more about aviation and how to be realistic, I have a question about the gates.

According to the picture, there are many lines in that gate. I know they are specific to each plane type but how do you know which line is suitable for which plane?

Are there specifics based on how many lines are there? How can I know where to park with any of the gate line situations?

Sorry if this is a dumb question 😂


I’m pretty sure there’s normally labels, which IF seems to lack. I guess you will have to go with what fits your aircraft best until these labels are added, unfortunately.

Those black strips by the line are the labels I’m pretty sure. (My image)

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I’m aware of the levels in real life but for infinite flight purposes, how can I tell?

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I’m pretty sure the bigger the aircraft, the farther up it parks.


I think the main idea is to make sure your aircraft wings and engines hold behind the white gate markings.

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I have no idea of what aircraft go to which marking, however not all airports have their markings drawn in sicne editors sometimes do not include them.

There’s also a feature request here in IF for this feature of you’re interested.

This is generally what I’d suggest doing. Something that fits your aircraft in between the white lines, and clear of the taxiway.

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What I normally do is pull up far enough that my wings and engines are not over the other white lines. In a few rare cases I may have pulled into a spot that is either too big or small for me.


I always spawn at my arrival gate before I do the flight so I know which line to stop at.


First off, no dumb questions haha.

The gates IRL have signs on the lines for each aircraft as mentioned above. Usually bigger aircraft get parked on the last line so I use that as my basics and depending on size, I choose a line to stop at but it really doesn’t matter too much as long as your at the gate and not crossing over the white lines with your wings/engines.


Thanks for the replies guys. Normally I just have my aircraft outline the gates whenever possible but I wanted to make absolutely sure


What I do is I try to put my first port side door inline where the jet way would attach to the terminal and see what line is the closest.

The problem with that is we never know where the bridge would come on IF

Funny method. Unfortunately it doesn’t help solve the problem. The point where you spawn in is the random position the editor of the airport chose. It has nothing to do with real world except your airframe is the one that the position the editor chose by guess is for.


Good to know. Thanks for clarifying Tom!

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