Gate M28 at LFPG

Hey IFC! I need some help. I’m trying to find gate M28 at Paris airport but I can’t find it. Can someone help me find it? Thanks!

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist, I just checked.

It exists Irl tho. Do u perhaps know where it is Irl?

From what I am able to gather, M stands are those at the Cargo Terminal. However, with the numbering system that they follow, one that seems a little inconsistent, I’m not able to find a Stand M28.

Y’all need to be looking a little bit deeper, considering that passenger gate numbers and charts rarely intertwine. Thus, gate M28 does exist from a passenger’s perspective within the terminal, this is just not reflected from the pilot’s side.

On that note, gate M28 is located to the northern end of CDG’s Hall M, specifically at gate L27:


Thank you!

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