Gate Issue at TJBQ

I live near TBQN and it’s no surprise that I fly to it frequently. This typo has been bugging me for quite some time now. As you can see the third hangar spells hanger instead of hangar. It’s a minor detail but I would like it to be fixed. My second issue comes with how you spawn at this hangar. In IF you spawn in this hangar as if it was functional. In real life, this hangar is not functional and is broken but used to store cargo. Cargo aircraft spawn to the side of this hangar instead of parking inside it. The way the aircraft spawn in these gates in unrealistic and I would like it to be fixed. I know the devs are doing important things in this current moment but this is a small issue that can be resolved in a minor update.image

Paging Dr. @dush19, you have a patient on Line 1.

@Avgeekproductions just let the Airport Editing Team (aka @dush19, @Kilt_McHaggis, and a few others that I forgot) know about this.


TBQN is not an actual airport? Is this the name in IF?

Pardon my ignorance, it is actually TJBQ

This is what I see here

I can approve that that is TJBQ

How does this work? Let me know and I will update

Pardon my terrible markings but this is kind of what it is supposed to look like. The red dots are the ones in which the planes are to the side of the hangar and the one in yellow can stay the same. If the US Customs plane is misleading then don’t worry as I have no idea why they park it there considering they have a hangar right next to it.

So you would like aircraft sitting ‘outside’ to the south of the 3 hangars to the left? They look like they have junk sitting around them :) I guess these are being used by charter planes using these as pads to park on?

I really don’t want a workload on you but this is another small detail that I missed. TJBQ has a Lufthansa Technik hangar thing in which they repair and do routine maintenance at. This building can hold as many as 4 A320s. I noticed that this building is present as scenery rather than an actual parking. May you please add these four gates to the game?

I added a single spawn at this location (see the green aircraft symbol). This was already there. There ius no room on this satellite image for 4 gates. I am proposing a single spot.

Well as previously mentioned, my markings aren’t the best. They are a bit off meaning that the circles could go a bit closer to the ramp. Surprisingly enough, these spots are used to park cargo planes…not just any cargo planes, I’m talking B777Fs and B747-400F,-800F. They are operated from Quito and all of them go to Amsterdam. The airlines that operate these flight are Emirates Sky Cargo, Cargolux and Martinair.

I am completely ok with that. I understand the boundaries that IF has and I don’t want to go past them.

I will also add these 3 hangar spots?

Are you suggesting this configuration? Waiting for feedback before I commit!

image Basically the arrow points to where the aircrafts nose should be pointing at. The red dot represents where they should spawn. I hope you understood this and if you didn’t feel free to ask as many times as possible!

Like this? These are 777 size spawns

That is incredibly precise and perfect! I am incredibly satisfied with your work! This is just what I wanted. Thank you so much for this change I rally do appreciate it! You did exactly what I explained. I believe this made my day. I appreciate that you take your time to fix airports for people like me even if they are airports that people rarely fly in. Thank you so much!

Update complete. This will miss the current cut-off. Airports were pushed earlier today. Hopefully will make it in a months time for the update.

I have no issue fixing airports this way. It is easy for me to make quick changes via my Google Drive to visualize the changes. You know the airport better than anyone else so I value your input.

Have a nice week my friend!

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Well that’s a bummer. But hey at least I know my favorite airport will be included in the next update!