Gate Information display screen

With the first iteration of Project Metal coming, with all the clouds and terminals, this could possibly be added.

American Redesigns Gate Information Display System | The Forward Cabin

Gate Display Screen

So, What does This Actually Mean?

In Free Mode, or any of the interior or exterior cameras, if this feature were to be added, You’d see it inside the terminal. There will be a maximum of 5 gates with this feature based on view.

If I Spawned where the red is, i cannot see the orange guy’s display screen.
If I was in the blue spot, i would be able to see his screen.

Keep in Mind that the airports that have buildings will have these screens inside as well, when the developers decide to add this feature to whatever iteration of terminals.

Remember also you can turn these off in settings.

Why I want this

I think this is a cool feature to add because it just inches into that realism part of the game.

Adding the terminal interior might massively impact the performance, Also, it seems a little weird to just have a few gates with the display screens. Just my opinion though!


To add onto Kamryn, based on the images shared by the team on Instagram, it doesn’t look like the terminals/ buildings will have transparent glass… Most simulators don’t, it’s just an unnecessary performance cost for minimal visual appeal.

Also I think it would probably look pretty blursed on the inside of a terminal with just a screen and nothing else…

Then it would literally just be a screen on a blank/ textured, unlit wall. Bit scuffed if you ask me…


i dont think they need an interior neither an glass window.

When I read the title of this request, I thought you were referring to this:

Which I would totally support, since we would actually be able to park at the correct marker!


Yes we should have this

You can find that here


I don’t think that this would be a good edition for the sim rather just a thing to bog it down and cause more issues. On the other hand if it was to be added it could be a new camera angel that would have the tv screen and window view. Adding that for every gate on the sim would be horrible for I it I believe and rather unnecessary. It is a good idea just not a realistic one I’m afraid.


This is not a bad feature request, although I think it wouldn’t make sense for it to be a maximum of 5 and also the interiors will make a device go crazy. This might be a good idea on smaller airports, (Like Bonaire or St. Barts for example) since it’s small, so interiors could be added, and then this could be added, but still it’s not super important because I don’t think you will spend a lot of time at an airport nor will you be in the terminal for 30 minutes straight. You will barely see it too.


It would be useful after IF released the terminals!!!

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I like the intention of this feature but it doesn’t make sense, there will not be interiors in the buildings so is not necessary.