Gate Info Before Spawn

Hey IFC! @lucaviness here with a feature. Have you ever spawned into a gate and realized that your wing is going through another aircraft’s fuselage? You have to exit the game, re-spawn, and sometimes have a longer wait for ATC coms.I don’t know about you, but i gets pretty annoying. That’s where my feature comes in. We would be able to see all gate info before spawning in (ie. size restrictions, etc.). Sorry in advance if this is a duplicate. :)


I would agree that this is a problem, however I fly narobodys so I don’t have this problem much.

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We also need to stop people in TS1 from spawning in the 737 Southwest terminal in LAX in a 747 Air China. This would help that a lot


TBH with you,sometimes i spawn with a 737 on a cessna gate because i dont know if its a cessna gate and there is no indicator… I would love to have the indicator…


Much needed! Would also like to see in that info the airline that is SUPPOSED to park there to keep things organized.

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Maybe even airline info (maybe a step to far)

It just triggeres we when people spawn in completely wrong gate for aircraft in New Zealand 😂.


Me too. Sometimes you can tell because of the distance to other gates, and some people on expert look it up in the charts first, but this would be a nice, easy indicator.

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I can see why some people would want this, but at the same time, you can always look on flightaware and see what gate the actual aircraft departed from which will match the aircraft size. Just my 5 cents.


Yup, I think it would just make it a lot easier for people. Also, you don’t know what gate you’re arriving in so it could be helpful to have that in-game too so you don’t have to look anywhere else. I know it’s a whole different feature but it would also be cool if Ground told you exactly what gate to taxi too. And instead of having to look it up along with their busy jobs, the interface will only show gates that the aircraft can go to. That would also work pre-spawn, not even seeing gates your aircraft can’t fit in.


Agreed! Well stated sir!

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i think this feature could be well implemented with this one.

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Yeah, these two feature seem like they could overlap. So when you get to map mode, there used to be terrain that you could turn on. This would be like taxi ways and gates.

Check out this post (credit @Kilt_McHaggis) for a list of parking maps.

You can see which aircraft park at which gate as well as taxiways, and which airlines fly from each terminal. Super useful tool, as I use it myself.